Programme of the Airshows


  • Rafale Solo Display 2022 French Air Force and Space Agency
  • North American F-86 Sabre demonstration
  • Adrenaline Flights 3 aircraft patrol demonstration

The afternoons – From 16.00 :

Frédéric Akary's F86 SABRE

The F86 SABRE is one of the finest, most inconic and best fighter jet in the US AIRFORCE, which shot down MIG15 fighters at a rate of 10 for 1, in Korea.

The airplane presented is the latest version produced by Canadair, a Mark 6, the most powerful F86 ever produced and maketed worldwide with an engine 50% more powerful than the first American models.

The total production, all variants combined was 9 860 copies and were sold to 28 countries in the world, first, ahead of the famous F16 which was built in 4 500 copies and exported to 27 countries. 

The F86 equipped 11 European Air Forces from France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, Norway, Denmark, Greece and Yugoslavia. 

There are only 12 copies left in flight conditions in the world.

Piloted by Frédéric Akary  : 17.000 flight hours, CPL and ATPL licences, Boeing 777 CPT, flight instructor, ex-French aerobatics Team member, flight test and aerobatic airshow experience since 1988, and also AESA Part 66 engineer. More than 140 airshows display flown in the last 12 years all around Europe on Hawker Sea Fury, P51D Mustang and F86 SABRE. Holder of Display Authorization for warbirds display. 

Aerobatic's Air and Space Army Team

Lalloué and Berneyron Captains will display a solo aerobatics program on an Extra 330SC.

Two daily shows are on the program. 

Panoramic fligths and aerobatics baptisms

First flights and panoramic flights with the company Alpine Airlines and aerobatics baptisms with Adrenalin Flight are possible on Sunday 8th of August at Courchevel’s Airport.

Come to meet them in their booth at the foot of the landing of the 90-meters Jumping Hill. 

Find out what dates are available:

« Hourly program for information only, subject to the progress of sport competition and TV’s directs  »